Boston Bike Polo

A few of my photos taken at the Boston Bike Polo court in Allston, Massachusetts.

Bike_Polo_011_600x600 Bike_Polo_016_600x600 Bike_Polo_006_600x600 Bike_Polo_003_600x600

From the Boston Bike Polo website:

We are a club of hardcourt bike polo enthusiasts who play for the soul of the game and are dedicated to what we do.  Our mission is to make bike polo games available as often as possible in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville.  We recognize sportsmanship and respect as the building blocks for growth and  development of bike polo within our community.

We aspire to maintain a healthy mix of new, intermediate and advanced players. We will continue to send teams to the North American Hardcourt series and keep our club competitive at the global level. We intend to be active in our community and want to place polo within the wider bike movement in Boston. We are a year-round polo club in spite of northeast winters, and bask in the glory of Boston summers at the Allston court.



~ by shooter1 on July 10, 2014.

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